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letters laboratory
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Calligraphy breakfasts are a good fit for beginners as well as for experienced calligraphers. If you are interested in Georgian script, curious to have a closer look at letters, their history and wish to master the skill of creating the impressive calligraphic compositions with a flat nib pen and brush — then come and join us!
what's expected
The program includes 5 lessons, 2 hours each. We will familiarize with 3 types of Georgian writing and explore how the modern alphabet was formed. We’ll learn the structure of Georgian letters, master the skills of writing in different styles, creating modern compositions based on Georgian script and learn to apply them in design.

Otar mtchedlishvili
Course courator
Calligrapher, architector, member of Art and Science Academy.
Gives workshops and practical exercises for bookbinding art and calligraphy-miniature. Founder of Illumination, Calligraphy and Bookbinding school in Tbilisi. Teacher of master-class for Georgian Calligraphy and Manuscripts (Controforma Tbilisi Campus, Summer 2017).
24th of november
Intro lesson. A brief historical introduction that covers predecessors of the modern Georgian alphabet — Asomtavruli and Nuskhuri. Then we will delve into the modern Georgian letters structure with a closer look at examples and exercises aimed to develop the double pencil writing technique. We’ll also learn to sharpen the bamboo calligraphy pen for the forthcoming lessons.
1st december
Gotta practice writing the basic elements of Georgian letters with the sharpened calligraphy pen. Before proceeding to the writing part, every student creates an ornamental composition using the already studied letter elements.
8th of december
Now plunge into letters writing. We’ll learn multiple script styles and practice writing the alphabet.
15th of december
Traditional calligraphy. Everyone will design a piece from ancient religious manuscripts on a small-sized format. We will add elements of miniature, ornament or finish it with a drop cap.
22nd of december
Modern and experimental calligraphy, large formats and broad nibs. We’ll practice the brush writing techniques and experimentation with formats. As a final project, students create a large format poster composed of words and letters.
Price — 220 gel (or 5500 rub)
Don't be confused paying in rubles. The payment will be automatically converted into lari.
Lessons are conducted in Tbilisi on Saturdays from 12.30 to 14.30
The course begins on the 24th of November and will be conducted in English. If necessary, it can be translated into Georgian or Russian.
Calligraphy tools and materials are included in the course price, same as coffee, tea and cookies.

Maximum course group is 14 people.

The course includes 5 lessons. In case of inability to attend all lessons, you can pass the course subscription to your friends. We provide all the necessary documents if the course is paid by your employer. You can also purchase the course as a present.

Feel free to contact Anna with all your questions +995 599 46 49 84
or drop a line to tbilisi@controforma.school

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letters laboratory
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